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1. April 2020

Cannabis – The Key To Self Healing

The first question many people ask when it comes to Cannabis is whether it is legal or not. However, it is important to differentiate between the psychoactive extract THC and the non-psychoactive cannabidiol (or short CBD). CBD is offered legally as an aroma oil. Why aroma oil? The government believes that cannabis has not been tested well enough for a legalized consumption.

Maybe they are waiting for the next moon landing to test the consumption of cannabis and its effects on the moon, because there are already more than enough well-founded studies on earth that Cannabis is not only safe, but also a powerful treatment for self healing. Nobody knows what kind of tests they are still waiting for.

But what is morally and ethically more questionable: Opium, which is given to people in pills. And that doesn’t even need verification! What? That hit grandpa hard. It is also kept secret that cannabis has been used as a natural medicinal plant for thousands of years, way before conventional medicine and the trade of opium in the pharma industry took over.

Of course we are aware that the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, banks and politics play a very important role here.
Let’s just call these people superbad-men.

There were many scandals in which patients were disregarded as human beings. Often these super villains claim to have their own superpower, which should multiply the number of your days alive.
There is only one problem: This number quickly transforms from your days alive to the number on your bank account.

We will show you our own superpower, but because we are responsible – only for people from the age 18, as our body and mind still grows when we are under 18 and we want you to become as strong as possible.
We have found the super powers of nature and are taking you with us on a great journey towards some hidden power plants.

Cannabis is a big part of this adventurous journey and we shed light on what makes it so special. We will also discuss why all those in power are terrified of falling over their own created barrier and might end up breaking their legs.

But more about that – next time.

Yours Truly

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