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1. April 2020

The Superpower of the Green Plant – How Cannabis heals sick people

Hempster the hamster had had enough of all the running in the hamster wheel and wanted to break out for new adventures. Hempster doesn’t like it at all when things simply don’t change. This applies to his physical hamster wheel as well as the political one. He is disappointed with the government. There are already so many facts and studies about the medical benefits of Cannabis and the healing powers of the green plant but the legalization doesn’t even seem close. A hamster wheel with consequences.

Therefore, Hempster decided to start a rebellion by himself and to explore how Cannabis can help sick people with their diseases.

Cannabis can fight cancer

The first thing Hempster found out was that one of the greatest medicinal benefits of Cannabis is its power of fighting cancer. He learned that there is valuable evidence that cannabinoids can help fight cancer, or at least certain types of cancer.

Cannabis can regulate epileptic problems

Afterwards, he found research showing that cannabis can help control epileptic problems. Hempster also found ongoing studies to prove the positive effects of Cannabis on people with epilepsy.

Cannabis can repair bones

Hempster continued his journey and learned from experts that cannabidiol has been linked to heal broken bones and speed up the process. Hempster learned personally from the bone research laboratory that it also helps to strengthen the bone in the healing process. This may make it more difficult for the bone to break in the future.

Cannabis can help relieving arthritis pain

On his adventure Hempster learned that Cannabis is now widely used as a cream and balm for people with arthritis. Both THC and CBD help those affected to deal with their pain. Fortunately, most hamsters do not have to worry about such diseases because they spend their everyday life running in the hamster wheel, which keeps them fit.

Cannabis can help with PTSD symptoms

Hempster also ventured to do mental research and discovered that Cannabis helps control the fight or flight response and can prevent anxiety, which can have a positive effect on PTSD patients, i.e. people who suffer from trauma.

Cannabis can help with alcoholism

Hempster learned that another of the many health benefits of cannabis is that it is undoubtedly much safer than alcohol. While it may not be 100% risk-free, it can be a smarter way to cope with alcoholism by replacing it with Cannabis. In general however, Hempster believes that is it never a good solution to replace an addiction with a new one, but that is only his personal opinion.

Cannabis can help with ADHD / ADD

People with ADHD and ADHD have trouble concentrating on the tasks at hand. They tend to have problems with cognitive performance and focus. Hempster learned on his wild adventure that Cannabis has a positive effect on general focus and helping people with ADHD / ADHD. It is also considered a safer alternative to Adderall and Ritalin.
This can inspire many to take a break from their hamster.

Cannabis can help with depression

Unfortunately, Hempster also had to learn the hard way that depression is fairly common without most people even noticing. The good news, however, is that endocannabinoid which can be found in Cannabis can help stabilize moods which can decrease depression. So hope is not lost yet for any hamster.

Hempster learned all of this and much more on his long long journey. Other Medicinal benefits are as followed:

● Cannabis may be a promising treatment for autism

● Cannabis may treat glaucoma

● Cannabis may help with anxiety disorder

● Cannabis may decrease chronic pain
● Cannabis may improve lung capacity
● Cannabis may help with weight loss
● Cannabis may prevent diabetes
● Cannabis may slower an Alzheimer’s Disease Development

But enough is enough. Hempster is tired now and wants to climb back into his little hamster cage. He has definitely done his homework for today, and the government can do the rest now.

Good night!

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