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1. April 2020

The Technocrats Are Targeting Nature Now!

About 90 people meet in an almost secret covenant, sealed away from the public.
They all come together to make key decisions about our nature, health, finances and freedom of expression.

The greatest concern of our masters and mistresses in black and white suits is that the hamster wheels they are controlling are not quite lubricated any more.
And it is even worse:
The hamsters will soon realise that the hamster wheel is an endless fight that only makes them tired.
The hamsters? That’s us.
The owners and mistresses?
Father State.

And their good friends the doping “doctors” that we also like to call opium-mix-manufacturers, are even making the hamsters lame…
It is almost unbelievable that no one is ending up deadly because of this, isn’t it? Or maybe not?

Once upon a time, the brave Hempster fled into the wilderness to face the so-called dangerous nature. Usually, it is said that healing products that come from mother nature are just a hoax. Only Charlatans would try to manipulate the safe and unknowing citizen, to make use of an alternative sort of medicine.

Nevertheless, no one seems to be questioning why ever since conventional medicine has been introduced to society, more patients have died because of conventional doctors, than they have in the history of naturopaths all together! You don’t believe me? Perfect! I hope this will trigger you to dig a little deeper into the rabbit hole and go through the jungle of research yourself.

Although, there has already been a lot of valuable evidence that proves that power of nature especially when it comes to CBD, the Pharma industry keeps inventing reasons to spread the opposite. Sometimes, they claim that the “medication” has not been tested well enough, even though the “medication” has already saved millions and millions of people from suffering and sometimes even healed people. Apart from that, they purposely delay studies for years and years. In comparison, it didn’t even take 3 months for companies like Lilly or the fatal oxycontin pill, by the partly Interpol searched Sattler Family, to get approved to be sold at the market. Their test procedure even let hamsters believe they were mice. – True story.

Even though creative sellers are always one step ahead and sell the so-called “medication” as an aroma oil, payment service providers create big boundaries and limits. This reveals a certain pattern. Additionally, we can already predict that soon money in cash will not exist any longer, which will create no way out on any end.

Hempy the Hempster has been cut off his financial flow by many payment service providers that connect banks and clients for no legal reason. Which means: It is more or less a lottery who is allowed to participate in the market and who isn’t.

The last reason why CBD has been questioned is that CBD looks like marijuana, which is why our masters and mistresses do not want to approve it. We spent almost a whole month filling out loads of different documents and forms and collecting people’s signatures. We had a lot of supporters and followers that were certainly aware of our purpose. However unfortunately, we are still stuck in our little hamster wheel….

In actual fact, this should be none of your business anyway. In actual fact, this should be a conflict between Hempster and government….Technically.

But unfortunately, decisions like that are not made by representatives of citizens anymore and certainly not by the citizens themselves. Why should they decide themselves how to live a healthy life anyway? Obviously, the 90 dictators and single rulers know best what is good for our techno-rat-monarchy. They are so superior in comparison to us that many of them even carry a nobel prize. Not only that! They are even responsible for the fact Einstein’s theories remain forgotten in every school subject on this earth.

At least that’s how they are representing themselves in a club-like media. But who are these people?

The former member Sir Michael Butler from Great Britain, who spent six years of his life as part of the Coreper union, describes the group like this:“It is a forum for permanent negotiation on a wide range of issues; it can act as a legislature; and it can behave like a senior board of directors taking many of the day-to-day policy decisions facing the Union.”

Shortly summarised: This group has all power to be lawmaker and decision-maker at the same time. Please note here that when it comes to questions regarding laws or finances, Coreper keeps their strings very tight.

Which brings us to the problem that made Hempster’s twin on suffer himself. Braverly, Hempy the hamster was able to escape at first, then however he literally had to go into survival mode to neither get caught nor trapped.

Until he reached the invisible wheel.
Nevertheless, Hempy survived, but not without wounds. It is Hempsters life motto to use the eye of an eagle to always be one step ahead of dystopia.

Of course, they don’t want to forbid CBD. They just want to only sell it themselves without having any annoying competition and to be able to sell it for an almost unaffordable price. However, this requires more tests which probably made the government spend a few billions of euros. At the end someone has to pay that.

Long time seen, this has to become a good market, which is why people like professor Broich, member of the European drug agency, provide cannabidiol in pills, pills that drastically limit the effectiveness. Well, that’s why they call the citizen guardianships in Germany illness insurance and not health insurance. Otherwise, it would obviously be counterproductive for the industry, if the paying customers that keep the whole system alive would decrease more and more.

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